JAAS(The Japanese Association of Administrative Science)

JAAS(The Japanese Association of Administrative Science)


Recommendation Guidelines for the JAAS Award

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Written by by a member of the Japanese Association of Administrative Science.
  2. Published in the past year(from April of the year before the current business year to the end of March of the said year)

Types of Awards

◆Award for Excellent Research
This is awarded to research that builds theory or verifies a hypothesis based on solid methodology, derives or models significant implications, or presents new methodology.

◆Award for Encouraging Research
Winners of this award are selected from papers posted in the Japanese Journal of Administrative Science, etc. In addition to the excellent research that is also recognized for the Award for Excellent Research, this also recognizes ideas and research models that are deemed will develop into promising research in the future.
The Award for Encouraging Research shall target young researchers who meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Persons who graduated university no more than 10 years ago
  2. Graduate students
  3. Persons who completed graduate school or acquired their degree no more than 5 years ago

◆Excellent Case Study Award
This targets case studies or survey reports that discover and present interesting facts from actual situations and make a contribution to the improvement and furtherance of theory or research related to administrative sciences.

◆Achievement Award
This is awarded as deemed fit for major contributions to the Association.

◆Special Achievement Award
This is awarded as deemed fit for major contributions to the Association, not necessarily limited to members.

◆Social Contribution Award

  1. This award targets socially recognized persons who are deemed to have contributed to the realization of social justice in respect to administrative behavior through volunteer efforts or self-sacrifice.
  2. The contents of the social contribution are clearly described and published in a published work, etc.
  3. Recipients are decided in the Board meeting based on recommendations by Directors, Auditors, Directors of Workshops, Chairpersons of Regional Chapters, Advisors, and Honorary Members of the Association. Also, works should have been presented at least once at the annual meeting or a workshop or regional chapter meeting of JAAS.

Recommendation of Recipients

  1. Persons who are eligible for the above awards and have made a contribution to the furtherance of research or work in the field of administrative science.
  2. The work or paper concerned has been received based on application by the author or a member of JAAS.
  3. Candidates for the Achievement Award and Special Achievement Award shall be based on recommendation by a member or members of JAAS.
  4. One copy of a Letter of Recommendation for JAAS Award shall be submitted. Submitted documents will not be returned.
  5. Letters of recommendation shall be sent by post or email.

Download the Letter of Recommendation for JAAS Award(MSword) here

Method of Review and Presentation

  1. Candidates will be reviewed and winners decided in the JAAS Award Review Committee.
  2. The progress and results of review will be reported and awards will be presented at the general meeting of the Japanese Association of Administrative Science.

Deadline for Submissions

By the last day of June in the applicable business year. Posted documents are valid if the postmark is by this date.

Where to Submit Papers and Make Inquiries

◆Award Review Committee(JAAS Office), the Japanese Association of Administrative Science JAAS Office
Institute for Organizational Behavior Research
Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd.
1-9-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0005
TEL: 03-3211-6551 FAX:03-6834-8342